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Mavs Rival, Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant Had Deal to Join TNT

Posted on March 03, 2022

Charles Barkley revealed Kobe Bryant signed to join the NBA on TNT crew.

Long-time Dallas Mavericks rival and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant almost lent his extensive basketball knowledge to Turner Sports. Inside the NBA's Charles Barkley dropped a news bomb on Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green's podcast.

"Kobe Bryant signed a contract to join the NBA on TNT crew after his retirement," Barkley revealed.

Bryant is no stranger to television or film in general, as he earned an Oscar for his 2017 short film "Dear Basketball." In 2015, Bryant also helped create "The Muse,” a documentary of his 18-year NBA career.

The all-time great had a knack for expressing his thoughts and critiquing the game. Imagine how his no-nonsense charm, coupled with with his X's and O's insight, would have worked with the overall goofy nature of the Inside the NBA crew.

Why didn't Bryant ultimately join Barkley and company?

“We actually hired Kobe Bryant … but he didn’t want to do all the bulls—t,” Barkley said. “… He actually signed with us. But we started telling him, we have to do a bunch of radio shows. … He’s like, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to do all that stuff.’”