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New York Knicks Could Target Shai Gilgeous-Alexander After Donovan Mitchell Fiasco: "They Will Be On The Lookout For The Next Disgruntled Player Who Goes On The Trading Block"

Posted on September 03, 2022

The New York Knicks are a laughingstock around the NBA right now. The team tried so hard to put their hands on Donovan Mitchell that everybody thought they were the clear-cut favorites to land the shooting guard, only for the Cleveland Cavaliers to make a shocking move and take the player on Thursday.

This situation has left the team in the same position they were before free agency (yes, even with the Jalen Brunson signing), but it seems like they're getting ready to identify a new target that won't probably land in the Big Apple. The Knicks are trying to improve their ranks, and a trade is the best way for them to enhance their level.

With Mitchell out of the picture, it didn't look like they had plenty of options to lure away from their teams, but things could change for the New Yorkers soon. Not even 24 hours after the Mitchell trade, they have reportedly identified a potential new target for the future.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the Knicks could be turning their heads to the Oklahoma City Thunder, trying to acquire arguably their best player. Berman writes that they will be ready when a player grows unhappy with their team to try to make a move, and they think that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander could be that one.

This is the never-ending Knicks story, as you can see. They miss out on a good opportunity only to realize later when these players are thriving on different teams. It happened with Mitchell in 2017 and now with Shai. What many thought would be a sweet offseason for them is now a nightmare and the front office must draw a new plan to follow.

Shai is one of the most exciting young players out there, and he indeed plays for a losing squad like the Thunder, but he's also aware that he's expected to be the leader of the team once he and his teammates develop their game. Yet, the Knicks could make a shocking move, as the Cavs did to them, and snatch Shai away from OKC.