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Kelly Oubre Jr. Expected To Sign with Philadelphia 76ers

Posted on September 19, 2023

Former Charlotte Hornet, Kelly Oubre Jr. is expected to sign a one-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kelly Oubre Jr. had been one of the key free agents in free agency waiting to get picked up. Many people thought he'd be one of the more desirable players in free agency, but quickly it was known, that was not the case. With the preseason just a couple weeks away, this will be a quick turnaround onto a new team for Oubre.

There's a lot to think about with Oubre and what it means with him signing just a one-year deal. Oubre has been looking for a team to stay long-term with, but this one-year deal indicates and increases the likelihood of Oubre looking to increase his value again and test the market next off-season.

Oubre spent his last two seasons with the Charlotte Hornets. Oubre was coming off a career year with the Hornets, as he averaged 20.3 points per game, along with 5.2 rebounds. Oubre really expanded and improved his game last season and became one of the fan favorites for the Hornets. It will certainly be hard for Charlotte to see Oubre go elsewhere and the team will definitely miss his energy each night, along with his mental toughness.

Oubre had previously stated that he wanted to return to the Hornets and that he loved playing in the Queen City. Ultimately the Hornets decided to move on, with the emergence of some of the young guys and the addition of Brandon Miller, the roster room and space for Kelly Oubre Jr. became less and less. Most importantly, the re-signing of Miles Bridges played a key role, as to why the Hornets made little to no effort to re-sign Kelly Oubre Jr.

For the Philadelphia 76ers, they're adding a key piece to their roster. Oubre will add depth to their roster and much-needed shooting, along with high-level energy and athleticism. Oubre will most likely have a sixth-man role with the 76ers, but Oubre will be content with having a pretty important role with a team that's trying to contend for an NBA Championship with last season's MVP Joel Embiid.

This will now be Oubre's fifth team he will have played for in his career.