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How popular is eSports' data right now?

Posted on June 15, 2020

While Esports are played virtually they are real competitions, with real storylines, and games sports fans can relate to because they already play them. The gaming industry (PC, console, mobile, etc) has become a global behemoth and it’s breaking records right now.

Using artificial intelligence and editors APIs, isports API collect and normalize data from the safest sources to make it available into one single API.

E-sports fantasy app business model works the same as other fantasy sports apps. Esports run competitions between players using video games. Although video game competitions were in existence since the start of multiplayer gaming mostly they were among amateur gamers. Since professional gamers started taking part in online multiplayer gaming on streaming, sports fantasy app development has become popular.

The market of eSports fantasy is rapidly growing day by day. Nowadays, isports API is one of the most popular sports data provider that among everyone. With in-depth knowledge of sports and fantasy sports, they develop interactively and feature-rich fantasy sports applications to attract millions of people and produce you billions of revenue.

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According to the statistics, the business and companies of eSports fantasy have raised more than $1 billion in venture capital investments. That’s why the entrepreneur are looking for fantasy sports app development company to develop eSports fantasy app.

Using artificial intelligence and editors APIs, sports data providers collect and normalize data from the safest sources to make it available into one single API by analysing data.

iSports API is the leading brand who has recognize the importrance of esports and be capable to provider comprehensive match data.

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