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How to get specific data or match statistics of Esports tournament?

Posted on June 29, 2020

EVERYONE plays video games now. The gaming industry (PC, console, mobile, etc) has become a global behemoth and it’s breaking records right now.

The whole world is being hit hard by Covid-19, the Coronavirus. Countries are shutting their borders. Citizens are being ordered to isolate themselves and stay indoors. The two worlds that PandaScore operates in — esports & betting — are no exception to this rule, but if we’re keeping score sports betting world is suffering much more. An unprecedented worldwide cancellation of sports is cause for massive losses for bookmakers.

With the NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, EFL, F1, NCAA March Madness, and the Olympics potentially being postponed or cancelled everyday the loss of revenue and share prices are adding up. The American Gaming Association estimated $8.5 billion in bet volume for March Madness in 2019, in 2020 there will be $0. There are efforts under way in the US to fast track mobile betting and esports betting as a life line for the industry. Bookmakers are scrambling right now, they’ve never dealt with a challenge as fierce as this global pandemic that’s only beginning.

Well nothing is going to replace the industry’s billions lost to the virus but there is an opportunity to get creative and stop some of the bleeding. Esports has the opportunity to keep up the momentum and gain a more mainstream audience.

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The esports data API, stop worrying about collecting data and start building your esports project. A quality esports product is similar to a good sports offering. Now there are a lot of websites providing data on the most active esports scenes.

While Esports are played virtually they are real competitions, with real storylines, and games sports fans can relate to because they already play them.

Using artificial intelligence and editors APIs, we collect and normalize data from the safest sources to make it available into one single API.

This is also the path to make the big bucks in entrepreneurship: *see the future before it happens *be ahead of time *search for high potentiality of growth *few people that love the product is > a lot of people that just like the product *because those who love make the product sell way more later *League of Legends

Get all the necessary data on League of Legends esport leagues, like the World Championship, NA LCS, LCK, LPL, EU LCS and more, with a live data stream, the latest static data (champions, items), match history.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Get live data from CS:GO tournaments, and access to the match planning, past games details, static data, esports teams, players, matches.

Dota 2

Get a real time, high accuracy data streams from The International, Major and Minor leagues, matches, and access to a huge pool of historic data, static data (items, heroes...), esports teams, players, matches.

Other Games

Get live data like Rainbow SiX,Overwatch,Rocket League, StarCraft2, Heroes of Storm,Heartstone League matches, and access to the match planning, past games details, static data, esports teams, players, matches.

As far as I know, iSports API and Pandascore are both the leading brand who has recognize the importrance of esports and be capable to provider comprehensive match data.

Here is the link: iSports API - Football & Basketball & Esports API - Livescore - Odds - Sports Data. A comprehensive and cost-effective data API to realize your Esports dream