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How does a high quality sports data API work?

Posted on June 10, 2020

iSports API Data Feeds is the complete and time-tested sports data solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements, covering all major sports events, specially designed to help bookmakers and platform providers diversify their offering.

With successfully resolved cases and tangible impact, Integrity Services is best placed to support or partner any stakeholder interested or invested in the future of sport’s integrity.

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iSports AI Integrity Services is recognised as the world’s leading provider of anti-matchfixing detection, prevention, education and intelligence solutions. Partnering federations, leagues, clubs as well as state authorities across the world, the team’s experts have also been called upon by conferences, media outlets, academic institutions, prosecutors and police forces to provide insight into the causes of, and solutions to, match manipulation.

We offer FREE TRIAL to experience the sports data feeds accuracy and our industry-leading profit margin.

Our clients can fully customize the odds selection with their favourite sports, markets, and events. The OddsMatrix Sports Data Feeds are highly flexible, and sportsbook operators with existing platforms can easily integrate them alongside their current sports data feeds or sports data APIs to boost coverage.

During the discovery stage, we meet with key stakeholders to define a uniform starting point for data delivery. We will through this process identity the client needs it terms of sports needed as well as data for each sport and delivery format.

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