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What API could provide live streaming data for sports game?

Posted on July 01, 2020

If you’re looking for live streaming sports videos like the NFL, NBA, and more, then I think you’ll have a really tough time incorporating those into your app. Simply because most of those leagues have their own live streaming platforms, and are very strict about who can and cannot use their content.

If you’re looking for live streaming sports data, there are a few different APIs to get scores on current games happening. The important thing will be testing the API for your specific use case to see which one will work well for you.

Most data provider have a basic free plan that will allow you to use the API for free, up to a certain number of API calls.

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Depending on what data you’re looking to access, you’ll want to use different APIs. My recommendation would be to take a look at each of the APIs, test it through the RapidAPI marketplace to see what data it returns, and select the best one for your project.

iSports API coveraged all range of sports data, more than 900 different international and national competitions, cups and leagues in all major football federations around the world, represented by livescores, fixtures, group standings, history data, and in-play events. What’s more, they also offer programmatic access to the historical sports database.

Their API provides data for the American sports already mentioned, plus NCAA, Cricket, Handball, Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Olympics, and E-Sports, among others. iSports API team deliver reliable, quick and accurate livescore feeds. They cover a multitude of games, play by play coverage, player rankings and other contents, combine and arrange sports data from all over the world to keep you right on track with what's happening.

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