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iSports API:One-Stop Sports Data Solution

Posted on December 20, 2019

iSports API is one-stop data solutions for all kinds of media platforms, especially digital media.

Match Data covers live scores, live matches as well as fixtures & results. Live Scores are not only available for soccer and basketball, but also tennis, baseball, American football and more. A wide coverage of more than 100 countries and nearly 1000 competitions. Languages, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese are optional. Fairly up-to-date data, including status, live scores, etc.

Live Matches including real-time data for the ongoing matches, including goals, reds, yellows, line-ups, etc. Basic information and statistic about a match, like venue, referee, weather, etc would be all covered.

Further more, comprehensive and professional data service on fixtures & results must be provided. A worldwide coverage, up-to-the-minute fixture and a rough outline of a match are all in our list.

Match Analysis provides all-time head-to-head records. Trend in performance, including the Asian Handicap results for the last 20 games. A comprehensive database with more than 960,000 games make a purely objective analysis available.

Database with more than 24,000 teams and more than 140,000 players covered nearly 200 countries with more than 1200 competitions. In addition, team/player info. in different languages are available upon request.