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Update Time: 2021-11-19 17:01


Get odds by match_id, the odds would stop changing when a match begins

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  • Path: /esport/dota/match/bet_info
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: 1call per second
  • Recommend Calls: 15seconds/call
  • Parameters:
match_idstringtrueUse comma to separate each id if you search more than one matchthe number of searched id should be fewer than 50 at one time


bet_id string
match_id string
title stringThe title of the bet
end_time intValue in milliseconds
status int0Updating The match has not yet started1Stop updatingThe match is on-going2The bets end3Canceld
source stringThe company name
options listBet options
name stringThe description of the option
init_handicap doubleThe fisrt odd that we recorded
odds doubleThe odds would continuously change before the match
bet_type int1: Match Winner 2: Winner(Round) 3: Match Handicap 4: First Blood(Round) 5: First Team to Get 5Kills(Round) 6: First Team to Get 10 Kills(Round) 8: Total Kills Odd/Even(Round) 9: First Tower Destroyed (Round) 29: Correct Score 30: Total Round Over/Under 31: Kill Handicap(Round)
board_num intMap Example0=Match1=Map 12=Map2
type_desc stringAdded description of the bet type

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Example Response

    Get odds by match_id, the odds would stop changing when a match begins

    Get OddsiSportsAPI