Get Past Matches

Update Time: 2021-08-10 09:35


List past matches


  • Path: /esport/csgo/match/final_score
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: Unlimited calls for paid plans, 200 calls per day for free trial.
  • Recommend Calls: 1 day/call
  • Parameters:  
offsetinttrueOptions to select results from where you want it to startExampleoffset=2 means you can get the results from the 2nd data
limitinttrueThe size of per page (1000
datestringfalseOptions to search by dateExample2020-01-01
dayintfalseOptions to search the data that changed by a specific number of days


match_id long
league_id long
bo intBest of X (Example: bo 3 = best of 3)
status int0Upcoming 1Ongoing 2Finished 3Delayed 4Deleted
match_time longValue in milliseconds
stage string
map_bp string[]
battle_ids long[]
is_forfeit boolTrue or false
live_battle_index intThe current round that are ongingExamplelive_battle_index=0 means the game have not yet started or no data for this gamelive_battle_index=1means the game is in round1
map_picked string[]
team_a_id long
team_a_score int
team_b_id long
team_b_score int

Example Request

Example Response

    List past matches

    Get Past MatchesiSportsAPI