Get A Battle

Update Time: 2022-02-25 09:52


Get the battle data by match_id&map_name which you can collect from List Lives matchs and Get Past Matches


  • Path: /esport/csgo/battle/live
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: Unlimited calls for paid plans, 200 calls per day for free trial.
  • Recommend Calls: 10 second/call
  • Parameters:
map_namestringtrueReal-time game: map_name=de_{map name (lowercase)} For example: map_name=de_cache Finished game: map_name={map name} For example: map_name=Cache


counter_terrorist_team_id long
counter_terrorist_team_name string
counter_terrorist_team_score int
terrorist_team_id long
terrorist_team_name string
terrorist_team_score int
map_name string
index intThe current round that are ongingExamplelive_battle_index=0 means the game have not yet started or no data for this gamelive_battle_index=1means the game is in round1
is_live boolTrue of false
is_frozen boolTrue or false
is_bomb_planted boolTrue or false
current_round int
match_id long
counter_terrorist_players listCT players info
player_id long
player_name string
player_nick stringPlayer nickname
kill_count intTotal kills
death_count intTotal deaths
assist_count intTotal assists
damage_average doubleDamage / Round
is_alive boolTrue or false
has_defuse_kit boolTrue or false
has_helmet boolTrue or false
has_kevlar boolTrue or false
money int
hp intHP
weapon stringWeapon name
flash_assist_count intTotal flash assists
kast doubleKAST
entry_kill intNumber of first kills
entry_death intNumber of first deaths
clutches_win_count intWinning clutches
multi_kill_round_num intRound that the player kill more than one enemies
terrorist_players long[]Same as counter_terrorist_players
counter_terrorist_round_history_first_half list
type stringWin type
round intCurrent round
surviving_player_num intTotal surviving players
terrorist_round_history_second_half listSame as counter_terrorist_round_history_first_half
terrorist_round_history_first_half listSame as counter_terrorist_round_history_first_half
counter_terrorist_round_history_second_half listSame as counter_terrorist_round_history_first_half
Same as terrorist_round_history_first_half long
first_half_pistol_game_winner_team_id long
second_half_pistol_game_winner_team_id long

Example Request

Example Response

    Get the battle data by match_id&map_name which you can collect from List Lives matchs and Get Past Matches

    Get A BattleiSportsAPI