Livescores for Today

Update Time: 2023-09-13 16:19


This API endpoint returns livescore of football matches for the current day ( GMT +0 00:00-23:59 ). You can use it with the Livescore Changes endpoint.

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  • Path: /sport/football/livescores
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: This interface is limited to 10 second/call;
  • Recommend Calls: 1 minute/call


matchId string
leagueType int1: League
2: Cup
leagueId string
leagueName stringFull name, e.g. Brazil Serie A
leagueShortName stringShort name, e.g. BRA D1
leagueColor string
subLeagueId string
subLeagueName stringThe on-going sub league of the league, e.g. Western Paly Off
matchTime intMatch scheduled time, unix timestamp
halfStartTime intThe opening time of the first half or the second half, unix timestamp.

Match period length in minutes= current time-the start time of the Match (second half + 45 minutes)

state=1:Return to the opening time of the first half;
state=3:Return to the opening time of the second half.
There is no opening time for other states.
status int0: Not started
1: First half
2: Half-time break
3: Second half
4: Extra time
5: Penalty
-1: Finished
-10: Cancelled
-11: TBD
-12: Terminated
-13: Interrupted
-14: Postponed
homeId string
homeName string
awayId string
awayName string
homeScore intRegular time
awayScore intRegular time
homeHalfScore intFirst half score, home team
awayHalfScore intFirst half score, away team
homeRed int home team red card
awayRed int away team red card
homeYellow int home team yellow card
awayYellow int away team yellow card
homeCorner int home team corner
awayCorner int away team corner
homeRank stringThe ranking of the team in the league, home team
awayRank stringThe ranking of the team in the league, away team
season stringe.g. 2019-2020
stageId stringMatches with [Interface Cup Stage Profile] stageId;
To distinguish the different stages of the cup, the league does not return this data.
round stringLeague round or cup stage, e.g. 10
group stringCup group, e.g. A
location stringe.g. Camp Nou
weather stringe.g. Clear
temperature stringe.g. 14℃~15℃
explain stringSpecial case description of the match, e.g. Match end up with [0-3], due to (Torpedo-MAZ Minsk) withdraw from the match
extraExplain objectReturn to Extra time, Penalty kicks, etc.
kickOff int1: Home kickoff
2: Away kickoff
minute intHow many minutes does the match have in regular time?
homeScore intRegular time score, home team
awayScore intRegular time score, away team
extraTimeStatus int1: Normal matches extratime ends, "extraHomeScore/extraAwayScore" includes the regular time score
2: Special matches (e.g. beach football, indoor football) extratime ends, "extraHomeScore/extraAwayScore" does not include the regular time score
3: The match in extra time
extraHomeScore intExtra time score, home team
extraAwayScore intExtra time score, away team
penHomeScore intPenalty score, home team
penAwayScore intPenalty score, away team
twoRoundsHomeScore int
twoRoundsAwayScore int
winner intWinner of the match
1: Home
2: Away
hasLineup booleanIs there Lineup data?
neutral booleanIs it a neutral venue?
injuryTime intLength of injury time in the first and second half.How many minutes the injury time lasts needs to be calculated by the user.
More than 45 minutes in the first half and more than 90 minutes in the second half will be counted as injury time.
var stringVAR events
updateTime stringData update time.

Example Request

Example Response

    This API endpoint returns livescore of football matches for the current day ( GMT +0 00:00-23:59 ). You can use it with the Livescore Changes endpoint.

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