Team Profile

Update Time: 2022-05-30 10:02


• This API endpoint is used to obtain team information.

• Returns all teams by default.

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  • Path: /sport/football/team
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: This interface is limited to 1800 second/call;
  • Recommend Calls: 1 day/call
  • Parameters:
leagueIdstringfalseGet all the team information under the specified leagueId.
teamIdstringfalseGet the team information of the specified teamId.


teamId string
leagueId string
name string
logo stringTeam logo url.

The picture is saved locally for use, please do not call it directly.
foundingDate stringe.g. 1984 or 1890-9-6
address stringe.g. Avda. Aristides Maillol s/n,ES-08028 BARCELONA
area stringe.g. Barcelona
venue stringe.g. Camp Nou
capacity inte.g. 99354
coach stringe.g. Txingurri Valverde
website stringOfficial website

Example Request

Example Response

    • This API endpoint is used to obtain team information.\n\n • Returns all teams by default.

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