Get Prospective Stats for A Match

Update Time: 2021-08-06 11:10


Get prospective stats for a match by match_id


  • Path: /esport/lol/match/analysis
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: Unlimited calls for paid plans, 200 calls per day for free trial.
  • Recommend Calls: 1 hour/call
  • Parameters:


league_id long
match_id long
range_type int0: The last 5 games; 1: The last 10 games. If the number of statistical games is less than 5/10, then how many games are counted
team_a_id long
team_a_name string
team_a_short_name string
team_b_id long
team_b_name string
team_b_short_name string
team_a_recent_stats object
matches listRecent mathces that team a involved
league_id long
league_name string
match_id long
battle_id long
match_time longValue in milliseconds
win_team_id long
first_blood_team_id long
ten_kill_team_id long
duration longValue in seconds
team_a_id long
team_a_name string
team_b_id long
team_b_name string
team_a_kill_count omt
team_b_kill_count int
win_rate double
first_blood_rate double
ten_kill_rate double
team_b_recent_stats objectSame as team a recent stats
team_a_hero_stats object
pick_list list
hero_id long
name string
logo string
use_count int
win_rate double
ban_list listSame as pick list
most_pick_hero_id long
most_pick_hero_name string
most_ban_hero_id long
most_ban_hero_name string
team_b_hero_stats objectSame as team a hero stat
team_a_player_stats object
player_name string
player_id long
team_id long
position string
avatar string
game_count int
hero_pick_stats list
hero_id long
hero_name string
hero_name_en string
hero_logo string
hero_game_count int
hero_win_count int
win_rate double
kda double
golds_per_min double
damage_per_min double
offered_rate double
team_b_player_stats objectSame as team a player stat

Example Request

Example Response

    Get prospective stats for a match by match_id

    Get Prospective Stats for A MatchiSportsAPI