Get Stats for Teams on A League

Update Time: 2021-08-06 14:39


Get stats for teams on a league by league_id


  • Path: /esport/lol/league/stats/team
  • Method: GET
  • Calls: Unlimited calls for paid plans, 200 calls per day for free trial.
  • Recommend Calls: 1 day/call
  • Parameters:


league_id long
league_name string
team_id long
team_short_name string
team_logo string
game_count int
win_rate double
game_duration longValue in seconds
deaths_per_game double
kills_per_game double
assists_per_game double
golds_per_minute double
first_blood_rate double
tower_killed doubleAverage tower destroyed per game
five_kills_rate double
ten_kills_rate double
kda double
range_type int0: The last 5 games; 1: The last 10 games. If the number of statistical games is less than 5/10, then how many games are counted
damage_per_game double
nash_killed_per_game double
dragon_killed_per_game double
first_tower_rate double
gdm doubleEconomic diff in every minute
kd doubleRation of kill/death
damage_per_minute double
last_hit_per_minute double
golds_per_game double

Example Request

Example Response

    Get stats for teams on a league by league_id

    Get Stats for Teams on A LeagueiSportsAPI