Configuration instructions

Update Time: 2022-03-07 14:37

Product Introduction

  • Football Animation Live, by providing iFrame/WebView nested access.

  • Through API Live match schedule and results, you can query the number of matches that support animated live broadcast.

  • Supports personalized configuration of animation elements: stands, venues, fences, midline copywriting, click Football Animation Configuration.

  • Provide multi-language versions in English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian to facilitate customers' diversified product needs.

Service Configuration

After purchasing or trying out live animation products, the system will assign you a Access Key and a whitelist of domain names, and you can manage them by entering Control Panel-Animation.

  • Domain name whitelist: After the domain name is configured, the live animation can be accessed through iFrame under this domain name. Be careful when connecting via iFrame!

Access way

  • PC / H5:To access the live animation URL through iFrame, it needs to be used under the website that has configured the domain name whitelist

  • APP:Directly access the URL of the live animation based on WebView

Animation Live URL

Request URL is as follows:${matchId}&accessKey=${accessKey}

Request parameter description:

parameter type description
matchId int match ID
accessKey string Please get it in Console Panel - Animation - Access Key
lang string Default:en
Accepted Values:en/th/vi/id
statsPanel string Accepted Values:hide/simple.


Service example

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