Change Log


• Stats - Cup Standing Add one field "matchSeason".

• Profile - Player Profile for Search Add one field "country".

• Profile - Player Profile Add one field "country".

• Live Data - Live Text Add one field "matchId".

• Common API - Schedule & Results (Basic) Add two fields "homeId" and "awayId".

• Live animation - Schedule & Results Add two fields "playoffsId" and "stageId".


• Odds - In-play Odds Add API In-play Odds.

• Odds - Pre-match Odds (Quarter) Add 24 fields. Includes: initial firstHandicap、initial firstHome、initial firstAway、initial secondHandicap、initial secondHome、initial secondAway、initial thirdHandicap、initial thirdHome、initial thirdAway、initial fourthHandicap、initial fourthHome、initial fourthAway、initial firstHandicap、initial firstOver、initial firstUnder、initial secondHandicap、initial secondOver、initial secondUnder、initial thirdHandicap、initial thirdOver、initial thirdUnder、initial fourthHandicap、initial fourthOver、initial fourthUnder

• Stats - Matches Analysis The field "matchTime" is adjusted to the timestamp of GMT+0.

• Live Data - Lineups Added field "position" and home and away team injury data.

• Live Data - Schedule & Results Add two fields "playoffsId" and "stageId".

• Live Data - Livescores for Today Add two fields "playoffsId" and "stageId".

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