Welcome to the documentation for iSports API.

Before using our api, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Start free trial or subscribe any plans to get access to the corresponding api endpoints.
  3. Log in to get your personal api key.

Each api endpoint has a unique path that replaces the <API_PATH> in the url below to call our data feed.<API_PATH>?api_key=<YOUR_API_KEY>

For example, the path to Football Livescores for today is:


The complete request path is:<YOUR_API_KEY>

If cannot be accessed, or the speed is slow, please use So here's another request path:<YOUR_API_KEY>

Put your api key to replace <YOUR_API_KEY> in the request path, then you can get the corresponding result.

Follow three easy steps before using our API: create an account, start free trial or subscribe plans, get api key.

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