This API endpoint returns European odds of more than 200 companies. Return the odds data of the day (00:00-23:59) by default.\n\nTips: You have access to this API and all APIs in Odds (18 bookmakers) when subscribing the Odds Pro. But notice that company IDs in this API are different from other odds APIs.\n\nWin rate: return rate calculation method:\nHome win rate = 1/(1 + home win rate/away win rate + home win rate/away win rate)*100%\nDraw win rate = 1/(1+draw win rate/home win rate+draw win rate/away win rate)*100%\nAway win rate=1/(1+away win rate/home win rate+away win rate/draw win rate)*100%\nReturn rate=home win rate*home win odds\n\nKelly index calculation method:\nCalculate the average odds of the game first, then calculate the average winning percentage\nHome=home win rate*average home win rate\nDraw=draw win rate*average draw win rate\nAway=away win rate*average away win rate

European Odds (200+ Bookmakers)iSportsAPI