Is the API really free?

Yes, it is.

How can I receive an API Key?

First you are supposed to sign up, and you can get your personal API key after logging into your account.

In what timezone is the data delivered by iSports API?

All datas are in UTC you can use any standard library to convert it.

What is the format of your data?

Our API feed is in JSON format.

What happens when I exceed my allocated daily number of requests?

Each free API provides 2,000 calls per day for every account. If you exceed this limit, you will receive an error warning until your calls are reset the next day.

How do I get access to a higher number of API requests?

We are about to start paid plans which provide more data with no delay in the near future,so stay tuned!

What if an error is discovered in your data?

Accuracy is what we strive for, but with thousands of data listed at any given time, sometimes it's inevitable that some errors slip through. If you find any errors, let us know and we’ll try and correct it ASAP.