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This product provides real-time data of DOTA2 matches including schedule, result, instant events, team&player stats etc.





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This Product includes 23 API Endpoints

API Name
CS:GO - Leagues - List Leagues
List leagues,including upcoming, running, past, delayed and deleted leagues
CS:GO - Leagues - Get A League
Get a single league by league_id, more detailed data of the league is provided
CS:GO - Leagues - Get Upcoming Leagues
List upcoming leagues
CS:GO - Matches - Get Upcoming Matches
List upcoming matches
CS:GO - Matches - Get Past Matches
List past matches
CS:GO - Matches - Get A Match
Get a single match by match_id, more detailed data of the match is provided
CS:GO - Teams - List Teams
List teams
CS:GO - Teams - Get A Team
Get a single team by team_id, more detailed data of the team is provided
CS:GO - Teams - Get Players for A Team
List players for the given team
CS:GO - Players - Get A Player
Get a single player by player_id more detailed data of the player is provided
CS:GO - Rankings - Get Teams Ranking
Get the teams ranking data
CS:GO - Rankings - Get Players Ranking
Get the players ranking data for top 30
CS:GO - Rankings - Get Weapons Ranking
Get the weapons ranking data
CS:GO - Stats - Get Prospective Stats for A Match
Get prospective stats for a match by match_id
CS:GO - Stats - Get Stats for A Team
Get stats for a single team by team_id
CS:GO - Stats - Get Stats on a Past Battle
Get detailed stats on past a battle by battle_id which you can collect from Get Past Matches
CS:GO - Stats - Get Stats for Teams on A Past Battle
Get stats for teams on a past battle by team_id&battle_id which you can collect from Get Past Matches
CS:GO - Stats - Get Stats for A Player
Get stats for a single player by player_id
CS:GO - Stats - Get Stats for Players on A Past Match
Get stats for players on a past matche by match_id
CS:GO - Lives - List Lives Matches
List currently running live matches
CS:GO - Lives - Get A Battle
Get the battle data by match_id&map_name which you can collect from List Lives matchs and Get Past Matches
CS:GO - Lives - Get A Live Text
Get a live text by match_id
CS:GO - Lives - Get Odds
Get odds by match_id, the odds would stop changing when a match begins

Global Coverage

This product covers 800+ major leagues all over the world.

BLAST Premier
Cyber.Bet Cup
Flashpoint Season
Loot.bet Season
BLAST Pro Series
DreamHack Open
MOCHE XL eSports
CPH Games
ESL Pro League
The Summit
View All


How many leagues & cups does this plan cover?

Please check the coverage list above.

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What brand of cards can I use when subscribing plans?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. Make sure your card balance is enough to pay.

How can I get tenichcal support?

Please log in and create a ticket, our engineer will reply you in one business working day.

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