How does the rate limit work?iSportsAPI

How does the rate limit work?

Each interface has a different rate limit, which needs to be operated according to the requirements.

For example: [Schedule & Results] , the fastest can be 60 time per second. But if it is too fast, it will have little effect. It is recommended to set it once every 2 or 3 mins.

The rate starts counting after the first request has been made. The rate limit will reset back to your original amount when 60 seconds has passed. When your API calls are depleted, until the second is finished, you will not be able to request data from the interface for which you surpassed the rate limit. You can however make requests to other interfaces that have not hit the rate-limit.

For example: If you make the first of your requests at 18:18 it will be reset at 19:18.